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Kadono School [Ōtsuzumi-kata] (葛野流[大鼓方])

One of the Noh large hand drum (ōtsuzumi) schools. The founder, Kadono Kurō Hyōenojō Sadayuki (1588-1657), studied the large drum from his youth and was a disciple of the fourth generation Ōkura School ōtsuzumi-kata master Ōkura Heizō Masauji (1574-1605). He served Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu, establishing his school and becoming a shogunate retainer under Tokugawa Hidetada. During the Edo period, it mainly served as musical accompaniment for the Kanze School. The Kadono School is characterized by its compatibility in rhythm with the kotsuzumi-kata Kō School and its flamboyant performance style, which involves relatively complex rhythm patterns (tegumi). Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo and the northwestern Hokuriku region.

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