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Raijo (来序)

One of the hayashigoto of Noh (a part in a play where the hayashi plays the main role). The hayashigoto are played by the kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and taiko, and the flute harmonizes. Raijo are played when monsters such as spirits or tengu exit the stage quietly and are replaced by an aikyōgen role such as a massha, a shrine attendant. The first half is known as the nakairi-raijo and the second half is known as the kyōgen-raijo (or massha-raijo). The nakairiraijo is performed with a long kakegoe to produce a stately mood, while the kyōgenraijo is performed with a lighter, more airy rhythm. In plays such as Tsurukame and Seiōbo, raijo are performed upon the proud entrance of the Chinese emperor, and these are known as shin-no-raijo, or “true raijo.” In the kyōgen play Tōzumō kyōgen-raijo is played quietly upon the entrance of the emperor in front of a mass of waiting subjects.

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