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Hayashimono (囃子物)

Plays that are sung and danced in kyōgen with a unique, bright and airy rhythm. These often include accompanying performances by the kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and taiko, and the performers themselves may take up the rhythm with their fans or by stomping, often elevating the mood by playing their instruments. In many cases, the role of the kahōmono, or “fortunate one,” is used for the wakikyōgen, and among these for Suehirogari, Taro Kaja typically plays an instrument to gauge the mood of the main character. In addition to this, hayashimono is used in dontaro where it is performed in high spirits by dontaro while riding a woman’s handcart and in the hayashimono representing the floats in religious ceremonies. Arts performed in ceremonies in the middle ages are said to have been included in kyōgen.

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