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Hinoki Shoten ( 檜書店)

Publisher handling both chant books and other Noh-gaku-related material. During the Edo era, it received the publishing rights for the chant books of the Kanze school from Chōbei Yamamoto, and in 1866 established its publishing business in what is now Nishi-iru Yanaginobanba Nijo Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. It began by publishing the official chant books of the head of the Kanze School, and in 1898 also began to carry Konparu School chant books. Hinoki Shoten opened in Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, in 1917, and in 1928 made the Tokyo store its flagship stored. Hinoki Shoten now handles a wide variety of materials, from introductory books on Noh and kyōgen to specialized books, to practice materials, making it indispensible in the growth and development of Nohgaku. Tsunemasa Hinoki now runs Hinoki Shoten.

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