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Waranbe Gusa (わらんべ草)

Treatise of late Edo era kyōgen. Written by Yaemon Toraakira (1597-1662), 13 th generation head of the The Okura School of Kyōgen, it was established in 1660. Toraakira wrote Kyōgen Mukashigatarishō, based on the book teachings of his dead father Torakiyo, Mukashigatari, with added notation, which eventually became Waranbe Gusa after further additions. This is the oldest of the treatises of kyōgen, which has far fewer than Noh, and while it does place a lot of emphasis in the legitimacy of the author’s own school, it also provides a broad overview of kyōgen playwriting, the acquisition of performance skills, as well as the origins, lineage, and autobiography of Noh. The Waranbe Gusa is five volumes and 89 columns in length.

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