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Naginata (長刀)

A stage prop. Naginata refers to a weapon with a warped blade attached to the top of a long handle. The handle is about 1.5m long, with the total length including the exposed blade less than 2m. The blade is usually made of wood covered with silver foil. The elliptical shape in cross-section helps to keep the direction of the blade steady on the stage. Naginata feature various types of decoration, including gorgeous gold and silver lacquer paintings on a satin finish. A small elliptical sword guard is attached between the blade and the handle, with an uneven portion in the handle under the guard to prevent slipping. The halberd is normally held vertically in the right hand, with the end of the handle touching the floor. The handle, though, may be carried on the shoulder, held under the arm, or with both hands for horizontal slashing movements, creating more dazzling shapes than a sword. Nagitana can often be disassembled into the blade and the top/bottom parts of the handle, making them easy to transport. Some roles use "ō-naginata (big naginata)," which is even larger than the standard type.

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