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Nohgaku Kyōkai (能楽協会)

The Nohgaku Performers’ Association. A public-interest incorporated association whose full members are active Noh performers. There are about 1,200 such performers across the country, doing different types of work, including shite in leading roles, waki as counterparts, kyōgen actors taking part in independent kyōgen performances and interlude comedies, and musicians (fue-kata, kotsuzumi-kata, ōtsuzumi-kata, and taiko-kata). The core business of the association is “promoting traditional Noh” and “developing Noh and the Noh world”. On a daily basis, the performers carry out a variety of performances, popularization activities and public relations, as well as many projects to pass on Noh to future generations, including the training of successors, as well as the storage and use of stage photos and videos.

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