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San-shura (三修羅)

“Shura-mono” (second group Noh) portray warriors who live in battle and then fall into Ashura-dō (the world of permanent strife) after death. San-shura (three plays in shura-mono style) refers to the three Noh pieces “Sanemori”, “Yorimasa” and “Tomonaga”. These are challenging to perform because of the particular depth of the content and the fact that the style of direction is not found in other plays of the same genre. The shite in “Sanemori” and “Yorimasa” are old warriors, while the one in “Tomonaga” plays two completely different characters, as mae-shite and nochi-shite. All three pieces are “Makeshura-mono” (Shura-mono featuring a losing warrior), based on a military commander in a losing battle.

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