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Kanze School [Ōtsuzumi-kata] (観世流[大鼓方])

One of the Noh large hand drum (ōtsuzumi) schools. The founder was Kanze Katsujirō Shigemasa (died in 1631), the second son of Kanze Matajirō Shigetsugu (1568-1627), the third generation of the kotsuzumi-kata Kanze School. The lineage continued for three generations but was discontinued for a time due to a lack of successors. Later, in 1694 (Genroku 7), at the order of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Yasaburō Nobukata (1672-1718), the fourth son of the sixth generation Kanze Shinkurō Toyoshige (1635-1688) of the kotsuzumi-kata Kanze School, who had changed his surname to Hōsho after moving from the Kanze company to the Hōsho company, was summoned and revived the art of the Kanze School's large hand drum. Afterwards, the kotsuzumi-kata Kanze School returned to the Kanze company, although the ōtsuzumi-kata school remained with the Hōsho company until the end of the Edo period. After the late Edo-period succession of Renzaburō Toyonaga, the third son of the tenth generation Kanze Shinkurō Toyotsura, it was called the “Ōtsuzumi-kata Hōsho Renzaburō School” in modern times. In 1986, however, it was recognized by the Noh community as the “ōtsuzumi-kata Kanze School”. It is said to be well-matched with the rhythms of the kotsuzumi-kata Kanze School. Today's performers are mainly active in Osaka.

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