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Ōkura School [Ōtsuzumi-kata] (大倉流[大鼓方])

One of the Noh large hand drum (ōtsuzumi) schools. Like the kotsuzumi-kata Ōkura School, the founder was Ōkura Kurō Yoshiuji, who was a disciple of Kanze Nobumitsu, a master of the ōtsuzumi. The second generation was Nisuke Toraie (Michitomo, 1520-1601). Toraie and his successors served as musical accompaniment for the Komparu School, and the name “Ōkura” was adopted in the early Edo period. The school is characterized by its relatively simple and old-fashioned rhythm patterns and calls, and its rhythm patterns are almost identical to those of the kotsuzumi-kata Ōkura School. The head family of the ōtsuzumi-kata Ōkura school is currently the kotsuzumi-kata Ōkura School. Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo and Osaka.

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